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    February 20, 2010



    Very cool. I think "Not available in your area" really sums up what Doctor Who is all about. He's not human, so he's not one of us, so he's definitely 'not'. He's also 'not available', unless your name is Rose Tyler, in which case he might consider a spot of intergalactic rumpy-pumpy - but this is a family show, so let's just assume he's 'not available' for that sort of thing. Also, 'in your area' - I refer you back to the 'not' human thing, so he's clearly not from my area, 'your area' or, indeed, anyone's area.
    It's brilliant - it's cryptic, it's haunting, it's multi-layered - exactly what I've come to expect from the show ;)

    Chris Nicholson

    Oh dear, so sorry. Is this the Great Firewall of the UK stopping you seeing this? Sorry, good sir.


    'tis the Great BBC Firewall - which is perfectly understandable since, being in Australia, I pay them neither a dime nor a penny (though I would if I could) so why should they expend their bandwidth on me?

    I just found it quite amusing that the BBC is encouraging people to embed the video in their blogs whilst apparently forgetting that blogs aren't only read in the UK... aww, bless'em.

    (Oh, and apparently I now have a Typepad profile - I shall consider this my gift from you)

    mesa doctor

    They are not "diets out of control" as previously thought in past generations, but complex emotional and psychological disorders.

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