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    June 10, 2009



    Thanks for the mention Mr. Nicholson.

    As you know, I love the idea of the Celebrity Party. I can think of few people better to represent the nation than those who add so much to our rich culture and heritage. I would vote for any party who could get 'Barry Scott' to clean up parliament for us...

    The idea of Burt Reynolds and an orang-utan at the end of every film is wonderful, but it could be improved upon by adding the theme tune to 'the Littlest Hobo' to play them off...

    Imagine the end of 'Schindler's List' or 'The English Patient' with that playing at the end, there wouldn't be a dry seat in the house..!


    I must discuss this over a pint with you at some point. There are several points in your post that are relevant but frankly Lumley could have been made to look like a idiot by the press if they had the urge. Celebrities and politicians may look like they rule the country but frankly we all know that the King Makers in this country are the likes of Murdoch and co. Even the BBC conceede this, only the other day Breakfast News was asking a Labour MP "If the Guardian says the PM should go does that mean he needs to step down?".

    If the Sun printed a story tomorrow that said Joanna Lumley was supporting illegal immigration then suddenly people would start throwing bricks at Ghurkas, if the Mail told everyone that Gordon Brown was an OK guy then the Middle Class would vote for him 'because the paper says so'.

    People are idiots.

    Also when thinking up the celebrity party did you ever think that Jeremy Clarkson is a celeb?

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